True Stories

True Stories:

YOGA sun
International Business Professional, and Yoga Instructor
Spondylosis: Jessica Walden, Encinitas

“Last year I had a major back injury and it looked like I would need spinal fusion. I continued doing a modified yoga practice and began doing Egoscue exercises to try to stabilize my back. I was terrified to get any sort of body work done in fear that it would cause more instability. I had known Jacob for several years and decided that I could trust him enough to be sensitive to my situation. I was more than happy with his healing work, I felt AMAZING, more so than I had felt in a long time. I am now a regular client of Jacob’s and literally cross off the days until I get to go back to see him.  I feel so totally and utterly blessed to have discovered Jacob’s gift, and life is only getting better as a result. Jacob is more than just an amazing healer, the way in which he does his work is incredibly beautiful and graceful. I completely trust in Jacob’s ability to identify the issue and to go in and focus all of his healing energy to fix it. I am eternally grateful to this man and his practice and would recommend him to anyone who is in any pain or who just wants to feel wonderful. Thank you Jacob!”


Business Man, and Surfer

Blown Shoulder, Stephen J., Cardiff

‘I blew my right shoulder out last year, and was heading for the surgery I had the year before on my other shoulder.  My physical therapist referred me to Jacob and his healing hands.  For the last six months, I have seen him several times a month.  My right shoulder is now fixed, and I avoided shoulder surgery.  I am back to surfing all over the world.  This guy knows what he is doing!


Sexual Assault Survivor, Celebrity, Bel Aire

‘I was recommended to Jacob as the best therapist able to deal with my physical, spiritual, and emotional concerns.  I was sexually assaulted as a college student, and that scar runs deep in me.  I am very guarded.  I asked around about him, and it turns out his Mother and three sisters raised him, and similarly, he raised his own three daughters.  That was important for me, I wanted a male therapist that understood women, someone I could implicitly trust, and where I felt safe.

Jacob has been incredible in every respect.  I know I am safe in his hands, and I do not let anyone else work on me.  I have found a place that I call ‘home’ for two hours every visit – his massage table.  He helped me do a lot of process work over what happened many years ago.  And, I find his body work awesome.  He is one of the blessings in my blessed life.  Make him one of your’s!’

Female firefighter

Firefighter, and Marathon Girl

Best Marathon Time, Carrie M., Del Mar

‘Last year I used Jacob to prepare for the Boston Marathon.  We worked together regularly leading up to the event.  I  surprised myself and got my best time ever, and I broke my personal goal of three hours.  I do not believe I would have done it without Jacob, and I highly recommend him.’



Looking for Relaxation Specialist, Aleksandra K., San Diego

‘As a dancer, I was looking for someone who would be able to deeply relax me.  Of course, I always have some injury, but given how in my head I am, I just wanted relaxation.  I have found a specialist who gives me the deepest bliss, and fixes my injuries as well.  I coined the name for him – ‘Magic Hands Murdock!’

What do you Desire?

Retired Business Man, “The Guitar”

Restless Leg Syndrome, Robert S., Rancho Santa Fe

Jacob recounts a ‘The Guitar’ story.

‘A sixty-something client from Rancho Santa Fe came to me with a constellation of problems, many severe. The worst complaint was that he had never slept an entire night in twenty years. The pain in his legs got him up every night for several hours. He told me he had been to the best doctors in the country,and Europe, and tried every medication they gave him. All to no avail.

After examining him, I told him, “No problem.  I can fix you.”  He smirked, “Yeah, right.”  I worked on him, and then he went home.

He came back a few days later and told me, “I don’t understand it, but I slept every night since you worked on me.  Where have you been the last twenty years of my life?!”

The client came back regularly.  Weeks later,  He asked me, “What can I do for you?  You have given me my life back.” I responded, “This is what I do; you do not owe me anything.” He insisted and asked again. I fumbled and jokingly answered, “Well, a left hand guitar would be nice.” He said, “You are in luck. I make guitars.” I responded, “Yeah, right.”

I forgot we had that conversation. A few weeks later, his daughter walked into my office. She had in her hands a left hand guitar. I was astounded. His daughter said, “I have never in twenty years seen my Father sleep through the night. This is for you from him, and our family. Thank you so much.”  I was humbled by his gracious offering.’

Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel, etc., Hannah P.,  La Jolla Shores

‘Jacob is a ‘miracle worker.’  When I started working with him, I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, trigger thumb on my left hand, and sciatica syndrome in my left leg.  Now, you have to understand that before Jacob, I always had surgeries to try to fix my injuries, and I was in the process of scheduling surgery for my carpal tunnel.  I am truly amazed to say, that over the past year those injuries were healed by this man.  I never got the surgery.  I truly do not understand it.  I give him my highest recommendation.’

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