Rolf Structural Integration

Rolf Structural Integration

Structural Integration seeks to return the physical body from its present condition of dis-harmony towards its original genetic blueprint (Note the body’s transition above.).   The client is an active participant in the process of releasing the body from its current ‘structure’, and ‘integrating’ it appropriately.  The work is an experience of whole mind, body, and soul.  The client dictates the level of the work by their receptivity to it.  Soft strong hands can make it as gentle or deep as the client desires.  The only goal in Structural Integration is to produce change.  How much change is up to the client, and the body.

  • The Ten Sessions  The work is broken down into ten sessions addressing the body in the systematic way designed by Dr. Ida Rolf.
  • Advance Work is available to clients that have completed the initial ten sessions.

Rolfing is done with dry hands on bare skin.  It is sensitive work.  If your skin is too sensitive to receive dry work, modified structural integration achieves similar results.  

Rolf Structural Integration – Work it, because you are worth it !

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