‘Correct-Posture’ © Bodywork

‘Correct-Posture’ © Bodywork

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The human body has an original blueprint of standing upright in alignment.  The joints also have their original design of full range of motion.  Over time, through use, misuse, injury, neglect, etc. the body assumes another blueprint that is neither erect, nor ideal.  And just because someone is in shape does not mean they have good posture.  Many athletes are deformed from their activities.  Range of motion in many of the joints can become very limited..

Jacob developed ‘Correct-Posture’ © bodywork to help the body return to the original blueprint, or as close as can be obtained.  The work goes beyond Rolfing into the body’s deep structures.  If you want to reform the body you have to reshape not only fascia,, but the underlying muscle, tendons, ligaments, etc.  While the work is very deep, it is not painful to receive like rolfing.

‘Correct-Posture’ © Bodywork requires a commitment to change.  Clients commit to coming regularly for deep work.  Rome was not built-in a day.  Similarly, your body did not take on its current  shape in a day.  It takes time to open up the body and reshape it towards the original blueprint.

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Get your posture back.  Get improved use of your limbs back.  

Get ‘Correct-Posture’ ©  Bodywork!

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