Cancer and Degenerative Disorders

Cancer and Degenerative Disorders

Post December storm

It is my privilege to aid those with terminal cancer, and other degenerative disorders MS, ALS, etc.  I take clients on a select basis based upon mutual consideration.  Generally, the nature of terminal disease requires that the client be seen often.  I have been there to the end with all my terminal clients, and their loved ones.

Treatment consists of Chinese and other palliative methods, and client changes in lifestyle.  ‘Time’ is something that most terminally ill people want more.  Sometimes, but not always, treatment can extend life beyond what the western medical system estimated.  Sessions typically are 30 to 60 minutes.  Travel charges may apply.

If you or a loved one are on this path, and would like my services, please contact me to discuss.  Regardless, you have all my compassion for your journey.  Mahalo

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