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Jacob is an expert in forgiveness and his master’s thesis was a comprehensive review of forgiveness research and therapies to date. Forgiveness of the other may provide deep healing to one’s wounded soul. For those that succeed in that endeavor, they may want to explore the final step to healing themselves – forgiveness of the self.

Jacob’s thesis is titled:

Lethe and the Twin Bodhisattvas of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness ©Examination of the over 200 ways humans harm each other and how healing from them may be facilitated. The thesis includes over 180 citations and as such is a shortened dissertation. Permission to quote the thesis is only permitted with the appropriate written citation crediting the author’s copyright ©. Click on the title above to access it at Proquest.

Main topics discussed are:

  • Lethe, Mother of Anxiety and Oblivion
  • Forgiveness
  • Conscious Forgetfulness
  • Death wish
  • PTED – Post traumatic embitterment syndrome
  • Wisdom psychology

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