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If you are concerned with your safety or the safety of another,

Please call 911 or 800-273-8255

NOTE: Jacob is not currently accepting psychotherapy clients. You may contact him to be placed on the waiting-list or to see if the clinic will accept you for treatment. Your patience is appreciated. California AMFT 99642.

Individual, child, couple, family

PROCESS: Jacob primarily focuses on treating children, women, couples, and families. Clients’ successes are due to meeting them where they are, where they want to go, and facilitating their journey. Clients are in-charge of their process.

APPROACH: Formally trained in depth psychology practices and with life-long experience in behavioral management and training. Jacob is able to move easily from insurance driven CBT approaches to soul-focused deeper approaches of how the client may find longterm inner-peace with themselves. Jacob is a results and solution focused therapist.

TRAUMA: Jacob has extensive experience with severe trauma survivors of Complex PTSD, PTSD, PTED and general trauma. He has specific experience with child and sexual abuse, murder, suicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug and alcohol addiction, betrayal and abandonment. Clinical methodologies beyond talk therapy include tapping, neurofeedback, psychodrama, sand play, and NLP.

FAMILY: Clients who experienced dysfunctional upbringings typically did not learn appropriate or healthy family functioning. Jacob strongly encourages such clients to also receive family therapy. Obtaining family therapy supports not relapsing into old familial patterns.

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Therapeutic Program Evaluation 

Jacob assesses, evaluates, and reformulates therapeutic programs and systems. The target is increasing program effectiveness, new design synthesis, and functionality. The goal is increase in program therapeutic impact and potential revenue enhancement. Jacob’s expertise in business helps deliver funding.

Pre-doctoral Psychological Work

Jacob’s focus is on women. Particularly the female animus in post-post-post-modern society and its impact on today’s women in business, family life, and culture. Specifically, the repatterning and healing mechanisms related to abuse, trauma, and embitterment. He also focuses on child development in family systems. Healthy family systems empower individual family members to lead normalized and fulfilling lives and for the family to collectively flourish.

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