Fitness imageSwitch it Up:  The human body performs better if it is trained in many forms of exercise, and not just one.  It is also less likely to become injured if it is in overall shape.  My suggestion is to do a different type of workout everyday.  Repeating the same workout in consecutive days does not allow the body to rebuild the muscles used.  It is far better to repeat workouts every 48 hours.

Similarly, to really be ‘fit’, it is better to do different types of workouts.  Having several types of workouts is very beneficial, for instance: weight training, running, yoga, pilates, stairs, ballet, TRX, etc.  If you work in multiple modalities that you enjoy, your body will be in better shape, you will enjoy working out, and you will do it more.  Success leads to more success.

Weight trainingWeight Training:  There is one rule to follow in going to gym to weight training – work at least 6 to 12 months with a good trainer.  You are less likely to injure yourself with a good trainer.  Ask around and try a couple of trainers, before you commit to a package.  People that do not work with trainers typically get injured.  Work with a trainer until you are confident on all the apparatus and free weights.

Caution:  Kettlebells are and awesome workout device, but swinging any weight such as a kettlebell or free weight away from the body’s center of gravity may endanger the body.  Learn how to use kettlebells and free weights from a trainer.

RunningRunning:   Running is the number one way to lose weight.  No other exercise burns calories like running.  There are many running clubs that you can join.  Many running stores offer free weekly runs that are fun and social.  If you have bad knees, I suggest running on the beach at low tide, and running in ON running shoes.  The latter are knee friendly.

PilatesNew York Pilates:  This is a very intense workout, and has nothing in common with west coast style pilates.  You will discover muscles that you never knew you had.  You will sweat.  And, you will build an awesome core, and strong muscles.

Jill Murray WorkoutJill Murray Stair Workout:  Named for San Diego female firefighter, this workout is a serious test.  Perform at low tide.  Start at Swami’s park in Encinitas going down the stairs, then head south on the beach.  There is one ramp, and 6 sets of stairs between you and the river mouth in Cardiff.  Run each one up and down.  Run them all on the way south, and run them on the way back north to Swami’s.

Oscillate each one you do by doing single, double, and triple stairs.  Not intense enough for you?   Hold your arms over your head, run on the high soft sand, do push ups on every landing, etc.  You can change and make this workout as difficult as you like.  If you hit everything on the workout and back, you will have run 2.5 miles and climbed 750 feet in elevation.  And the best part of this run – it is a gorgeous beach !

trxTRX:  A TRX is an inexpensive training device that can give you elements of a gym workout without a membership.  You can work out at home, on the road, at the beach, etc. It is an excellent core workout.  Developed by a Navy Seal for working out in submarines, it will test your limits.  There are hundreds of TRX workouts on YouTube.  I highly recommend it.

yogaYoga:  Yoga is good for stretching out the body.  More advanced yoga practices also give an intense workout.  If you are working out a lot, going to yoga should be part of your routine to stretch out your body.  If you have any injuries, tell the teacher before the class starts.  If you are not comfortable with the teacher adjusting you during the class, stop, and tell them politely.  Yoga injuries are common, so use your common sense.

ballet1Ballet:  Ballet is an inexpensive intense workout.  In addition to the bar workout, the floor workout is excellent for providing spacial balance and orientation.  Enjoy and dance!

massage rest dayRest Days:  Take rest days to give the body time to heal.  A rest day has no exercise in it at all.  Use those days to take care of yourself.  Get a massage from me!

If you are addicted to working out everyday, the suggestion is to take a least two days off each month.  The best days to do that are the New Moon and Full Moon days.  Why those days?  Because on a New Moon day, there is too little energy, and you are likely to injure yourself.  Similarly, on a Full Moon day, there is too much energy, and you are likely to overdo it and injure yourself.  Take rest; you will become stronger!

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