Simply put, we are what we eat!  Our personal life revolves around food.  It is the biggest constant in our lives.  From the time we awaken, until we go to sleep, our day is spent with food.  Food is also how we socialize.  We eat, celebrate, and have holidays with others – around food.  If you want to change the way you eat, you need to enlist those you socialize with to support your healthy choices.

Disease:  In Chinese medicine is said that 90 percent of disease originates in the abdominal cavity, where the majority of our organs are located.  Thai stomach work deeply works the abdominal cavity.  If there is one recommendation for every person wanting a healthy life it would be – get Stomach Work every time you get a massage!

Healthiest People: on the planet that live the longest – Mediterranean, Hunza, Okinawan.  All three eat similar diets.  More importantly, all three diets have very little in common with the current mainstream diet of western civilization.

Food Movie:  We all have our journey with food, and the intention here is to help you in being healthier.  I recommend you see this movie.  It is not preachy.  It shows a very simple story that all my clients that have seen it applaud.  Forks over Knives

Quality Food:  is one of the best things you can do for your health.  If you can: buy organic.  If you eat: meat, buy range fed; fish, buy cold deep water; eggs, buy free range; milk, buy organic from small farms.  These things cost more, but what you put in your body becomes you.

Health variables:  In addition, the following items are crucial to understand about your body, and its health.  If you are not familiar with them, please investigate them.  Any decision you make in regard to your health should include these important considerations.


Body type

Metabolic type

Sun – natural vitamin D

Eat 80% full


Processed food

Factory farming

White foods

Salt, Sugar, and Fat – the modern diet

Sugar addiction

Supersized meals


Six Pack Abs: come from one thing, having a tiny percentage of body fat.  Do all the crunches you want, but if you want those abs, you must have a specific diet to get them.  The best diets for abs are the Paleo diet, and the Raw vegan diet.

Notice:  The links from this page to outside sources are for your general information.  Jacob does not necessarily agree with the linked site’s information and/or conclusions.  The link should be seen as a starting point for you to do your own information gathering, in order to draw your own conclusions.  What you put into your body is your personal choice.

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